Our Missionaries

Sandy Heim – Peru, South America
Charlie and Gail Jewell – CAR, Central African Republic
Bryan and Susan Nevin – Mexico
H.C. Stephen – India
Drs. Steve and Becky Overholt – partnering with Nationals in India and Southeast Asia
Bob and Lynne Trout – Colombia, South America
Delores Woods – Brazil, South America
Ed and Dorothy Woods – USA, ESL
New Life Island – Frenchtown, NJ
Shepherd’s Ministry – Union Grove, WI

Here is the Prayer/Praise List (from the most recent quarter):

Prayer Request for May 13, 2013
Bob and Lynne Trout – Colombia, South America
The Trouts are officially directors of Missionary Care. Their service started last October. Their mission statement is: “Missionary care exists to serve those who serve for greater effectiveness and to minister to ABWE personnel. Continue to pray as they try to effectively serve our missionaries.

Delores Woods – Brazil, South America
Praise: 62 people attended the Passover seder.
Prayer Request:
1. Salvation of 2 ladies who heard the salvation message
2. Dolores’ sister in law Valerie, whose father passed away in March, and her mother who lives in a nursing home.
3. We have discovered broken sewer pipes in our building and in the back of the property. Pray for God to provide the funds to pay for this. We will have to vacate the property for a few days and no water can be used until everything is repaired.
4. Continued prayer for Freida, Renata, Cecilia, Sergio, Naurico, and Naco.
5. Dolores’ sister Jeanette and her husband Bill – health issues.

Ed and Dorothy Woods – USA
1. God is answering prayer
2. Inquiring minds and hearts are asking questions
Prayer Request:
1. Salvation of our students

New Life Island – Frenchtown – Norm MacKenzie, director
Praise: God has blessed us with His wonderful peace.
Prayer Request:
1. That we are good stewards of all He has given us.
2. Financial gifts to help us purchase materials needed to make vital repairs.